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The dramatic advances in computer technology have created an opening for a new breed of machine shop:  a shop fully specialized in CNC machining that can best acquire and utilize new high speed machines and cutters as well as powerful programming software.   To be truly competitive in the CNC machining industry, a shop must focus its abilities and philosophies on developing new ways to produce parts faster and better.

The owners of JETT have set out to build a state of the art machine shop fully dedicated to CNC machining.  The corporate strategy is to use the most modern equipment and methods to quickly and accurately build complex parts for all industries that require machining services.

Although the corporate entity JETT itself has only been around since the summer of 1997, the owners bring with them over 20 years experience in the operation and management of a CNC facility. 
All operators of CNC equipment are trained and experienced in the latest programming and machining techniques.

Possessing excellent equipment and operators is not the only requirement for growing a successful machining enterprise.  Effective   management skills and good customer communication are just as important. 

At JETT, we coordinate plant operations, corporate management and customer requests together so that all parties are involved and so that each party has a clear concept of the goals put forth and the implementation to achieve said goals.

As JETT continues to pursue quality and efficiency in its work, our customers continue to pursue on time quality deliveries with cost effective service.  It is our belief that these two pursuits, when combined with effective communication, will both be accomplished.  

Contact JETT CNC today for your next project! 

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